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Former US Army Ranger and active duty SWAT Officer @shinobi275 on overcoming struggle and what drove him to serve.

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As professionals, there are a few things we look for when choosing the right tactical gloves:  max dexterity, minimal excessive material around fingers and palm, functionality, and of course durability. Now...

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Are steel targets right for you....even if you don't have plans to become internet famous?

When most of us begin shooting, we cut our teeth on paper targets. They're cheap, readily available and keep us honest about our hits. So then what's up with all the internet famous shooters pretty much all exclusively shooting steel?

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People ask us all the time, “What’s a  Musa?” Some folks assume it’s an acronym for “Military USA,” or even “Made in the USA.”  The reality is, Musa means “warrior” in Korean and it pays homage to our founder’s heritage as well as our identity as combat veterans of the United States Military. 

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