Are Steel Targets Right For You?

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Are Steel Targets Right For You?

Are steel targets right for you?

When most of us begin shooting, we cut our teeth on paper targets. They're cheap, readily available and keep us honest about our hits. So then what's up with all the internet famous shooters pretty much all exclusively shooting steel? What's the hype all about?

Shooting steel can actually have important practical applications in your training.  When you shoot paper, you have to finish your set to walk to your target and check your hits before going back to start another set.

Steel targets, also known as "reactive targets" because of their ring, give you instant hit or miss feedback so you can stay on the line longer and continue your training uninterrupted. They also make you look "great on the gram.”

I also believe the ring aids shooters through psychological positive reinforcement. It's like the target throwing you an audible "attaboy" ever time you get a hit. Trust me, I've seen its effect on shooters. 

I know many of you may not have access to a range that has steel targets but for those of you that do, I highly recommend you guys integrate steel targets as a part of your training regimen.

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