Cold Steel Urban Edge Palm Knife 2.5" - CS43XLS

Cold Steel
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Cold Steels Urban Edge makes a surprisingly versatile and useful everyday utility tool. Its secure grip allows the user to open their hand while still having full control over the knife. Many of Cold Steel's employees use them regularly - opening boxes, pausing to sign for deliveries or type on computers or tablets - all without the knife ever leaving their hand!Light enough to be worn as a neck knife or hung from a key ring, but still packing enough cutting power to handle tasks that would challenge even some larger knives; the Urban Edge also makes a formidable last resort self-defense tool.

Features :

Weight: 1.9oz Blade

Thickness: 3mm

Blade Length: 2-1/2"

Blade Steel: Japanese AUS8A Stainless

Handle Length/Material: 1-1/2" Kray-Ex™

Additional Features: Secure-Ex® Sheath

Knife Type: Fixed

Blade Length Range: 1-3 in

Steel Family: AUS

Blade Shape: Spear Point