The Musa Store uses Sezzle because they are committed to financially empowering shoppers by supporting responsible spending and evaluating customer limits and potential approvals with every purchase attempt. Their automated system considers a variety of factors during the approval process, including how long you've been a Sezzle shopper, the information you provided at sign-up (soft credit check), your order history with Sezzle, and a few other factors. 

Spending limits are automatically determined by their decisioning process and the Sezzle Support Team is unable to share spending limits, increase spending limits, or manually approve any orders. 

What is my spending limit?

Currently, only U.S. shoppers enrolled in Sezzle Up have access to view their spending limits.  

Can Sezzle increase my spending limit? 

Every purchase attempt and approval is completely automated and they are unable to manually increase spending limits.  Because of their unique approval process, including the fact that we don't have fixed spending limits, we're able to provide our shoppers with a completely free service.   

If you are looking to place an order but were declined, you may need to begin by placing a smaller order. Over time, your purchasing power can increase.