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Article: Knowledge Bomb: Holosun Naming Convention


Knowledge Bomb: Holosun Naming Convention

Hey guys,

Let’s talk about Holosun optics. While Holosun has an amazing array of Optics to fit a variety of budgets, and a plethora of different platforms, the vast numbers of their products forced Hoolsun to adopt a naming system that is more like serial numbers than a proper name. Because of this we get hit with questions all the time about what a certain model Holosun is and how is it different from other existing models. So let’s dive Into it.

Holosun has a naming convention that is made up of 3 parts. First a 2 letter code, Followed by a 3 digit code, which is then followed up by another code that can be either one or two letters.

Part 1: Letters

Holosun has two types of Letter prefixes.
HS: Holosun (baseline models)
HE: Holosun Elite (flagship variants)

Part 2: Numbers

The 3 digit numerical code can be easy to decipher with just a little bit of practice

The First Digit:

Either a 4_ _ or a 5_ _.

The 4 denotes that the optic has a single type of reticle (Ex: 2 MOA dot)
The 5 denotes an adjustable Multi reticle system t (Ex: 2MOA dot/65MOA Circle)

The Second Digit:

Second digit is either a _0_ or a _1_

0 denotes standard accessories (Ex: Bolt-on Mount, Bikini Lens Covers)

1 denotes enhanced accessories (Ex: QD optic mount, or Flip-Down Lens Covers)

Third Digit:

The third digit determines the type of optic body:

_ _ 0, _ _1, and _ _6 = 30mm Optic

_ _3, and _ _5 = 20mm Optic

_ _7, _ _8, and _ _9 = Pistol Optics

The Final Suffix of the naming system is a letter code:

B: Side mounted battery tray secured with two screws

C: Solar Failsafe (adds Auto Mode and Solar Power)

K: Sub-compact carry pistol optics

M: 7075 Aluminum Housing, Water Resistant to 30 meters for 30 minutes

O: Open Circle Reticle 

R: Rotary Switch for brightness selection

T: Titanium Housing

So based on that information we can breakdown the Nomenclature of this Holosun HE508T optic:


It’s a Holosun Elite(HE) Multi-reticle(5) with standard accessories(0) pistol Optic(8) made with a Titanium Housing(T)

Hope that helps, if you have any questions regarding the Holosun naming convention or any other type of question related to gear/kit/accessories feel free to hit us up via DM on social media or shoot us an email.

Stay Safe and Stay Focused,

-The Musa Team

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