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This is where you'll find out how we're doing, the quality of our products, and the quality of our customer service. 👍🏼
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Shockingly good

Wasn't expecting a whole lot from an online store but I am impressed! Bought it about three years ago and took this hoodie through rain, snow, sleet, hail, grease, sweat, blood, oil , sawdust, high wind, bark scrapes and cats and it's still kickin. Has a few small holes and has gotten a little threadbare but I chalk it up to years of use. Don't expect warmth or water resistance as it is a light hoodie but it serves that purpose well. Sizing is a little off as it was a little bigger than expected but that works fine for me. Overall five stars. Only drawback is the pattern. You'll always get some little old lady ask you if it started raining outside.

Excellent job on pattern and fit, not as breatheable as other options

I love the DNC pattern, they really nailed it.

I love the fit as well. Its a little bit tighter around the chest and upper arms, but a little looser (just a little) around the abdomen which I appreciate for conceal carry.

My only complaint would be on the breathability of the fabric. I've got a sun shirt from a fishing company that the breeze just flies through and I can wear that thing in 100 degree weather and am more comfortable in the shirt than skin exposed. This one does not breathe as well. I still love the shirt, but my use case will be a little different than planned. This was going to be my IDPA and range day shirt, but I probably won't be wearing it if its over 75 degrees outside.

The patch itself is *really* rough on the inside. Like, painfully. Cool looking hat, but thats super uncomfortable rubbing my forehead

Nicholas, send us a picture of the inside of your hat. It shouldn't be hurting your melon like that. We'll see what we can do. I have several of these hats and I don't have that problem whatsoever.

Unfortunately, this item turned out to be too small for me. Fortunately, this was not a problem. I reached out to The Musa Store and they took care of it. I am a returning customer so this is no surprise. Always prompt and professional.

The Mozambique T-Shirt
Alexander Kushnir
Screen print has come off in the wash.

After about 10 washings, the print is almost completely gone. This is the second one I bought. The orgginal was from the first run and is still sharp as ever, but the current run of shorts, the screen printing just doesn’t stand up. Excuse the sweaty shirt.
I do love the designs, just need to QA the screen printing job.

Hey Alexander, thanks for emailing and allowing us to address the issue. We hope you're satisfied with the replacement shirt we're sending. It should be delivered within the next few days. We may not always get everything right at first but we take pride in making sure our customers are taken care of anytime a legitimate issue is brought to our attention. We appreciate your repeat business and look forward to seeing you back on the store soon!

Runs small compared to the other sun shirts. I normally wear and xl in shirts, but an L in the sun shirts. Order this one to your true size.

Nice decal overall!! A+++. Great products from a great company.

Love the decal, the concept and of course the lineage. A+++

Nice shirt. Love the pattern… very well made. Quality product from a quality company. Well done!!

Cool mug. Great customer service


Please make tall sizes available

Safariland - 7360RDS-8325-411

Garage sale item, but in perfect condition and at a great price. Fits my G17 Gen 5 with Surefire X300 perfectly.

I have ordered shirts from Musa before with no problem, but these shirts are way too tight. They were actually replacements for the exact same shirts that were ruined. The first two shirts fit fine and so should these. This kind of inconsistency indicates a definite quality control issue. Now I have to send them back.

Hey Marvin, did you get our email about taking a photo of the two shirts together? We replied just a few hours after you emailed us and we never heard back from you. If we can see a difference in the two sizes we'll happily send you a replacement. If you didn't see our email, please check your junk folder. We want to make this right for you...especially after being such a great customer.