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Shooters Global SG Shot Timer GO

Sale price$149.99


Unleash your best shot with the Shooters Global Timer GO, where cutting-edge technology meets outdoor grit. This isn't just a shot timer; it's a revolution in shooting dynamics, featuring a new, thunderous buzzer that's 240% louder—perfect for coaching large squads under the open sky.

Designed with the elite marksman in mind, the SG Timer GO harnesses smart sensor technology and sophisticated recognition algorithms to ensure your every trigger pull is captured with precision. Whether you're perfecting your dry fire in solitude or timing rapid live rounds, this timer hears all—with a sensitivity scale that adjusts from whisper-quiet to roaring thunder.

Dive into a world of advanced training with the Drills app. Plan, program, and push past your limits with custom sessions designed to challenge your skills and speed. Every session is an opportunity to conquer, with real-time feedback that pits your current prowess against your goals.

Features that fire up the competition:

Echo Filtering: Captures each shot with flawless accuracy, ensuring no data goes unrecorded.

Built-In Memory: A robust memory bank that records up to a million shots, allowing you to track progress over the long haul.

PAR Excellence: Pre-plan your drills to maximize training time and minimize downtime.

High Sensitivity: Detects every caliber, giving you the freedom to train with diverse firearms.

Volume Control: Customizable volume settings ensure you hear every beep, no matter where you train.

Spy Mode: Sync seamlessly with any shot timer for coordinated training sessions.
The SG Timer GO simplifies operation with just two buttons and a top-mounted display, keeping your focus sharp and your eyes on the target. Set up your presets in the Drills app beforehand, then switch on-the-fly—because at the range, every second counts.

Other Key Features:
- Mechanical quick release clip
     - Up to 80-hrs of continuous shooting on a single charge
     - USB–C port
     - Compatible with the DRILLS mobile app
     - 1.8" top side display

Step up, stand out, and stay ahead with SG Timer GO—because when you're aiming to be the best, every shot matters.

Warranty:2 years
Delivery time: 5-14 business days

Shooters Global SG Shot Timer GO
Shooters Global SG Shot Timer GO Sale price$149.99