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Article: New Year, New Reason to Hate California

New Year, New Reason to Hate California

New Year, New Reason to Hate California

One more reason to hate California:

The State of California just enacted a law giving its residents and visitors the ability to sue gun industry members who violate state laws regarding the manufacture, distribution, and sale of certain firearms.

SB 1327, which took effect on January 1, allows private individuals to bring lawsuits against those who violate California's laws against the sale and distribution of "assault weapons," "ghost guns," and other banned firearms. This private right of action also applies to gun dealers who sell or transfer weapons (excluding hunting rifles) to anyone under 21-years-old.

This law was passed in response to Texas' SB 8 law, which allows individuals to sue those who perform or aid in abortions after the fetus shows signs of cardiac activity. California's SB 1327, aims to show the rest of the country and the Supreme Court how Texas' controversial approach can be applied to other rights, such as the right to bear arms.

Some gun rights advocates have called California's law "performative legislation," but supporters believe it will make the state's strict gun control measures more effective by enlisting a group of grass-roots enforcers. The law also bars state and local governments from filing lawsuits under SB 1327, which makes it harder to challenge in court.

While one part of SB 1327 was struck down on constitutional grounds by a U.S. District Judge in San Diego, the private right of action remains in effect. Officials with the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the California Rifle and Pistol Association are waiting to see how the law is used and currently have no plans to challenge it.

It is important to note that only those who knowingly engage in conduct that violates California's laws regarding the sale and distribution of certain firearms can be sued under SB 1327. However, anyone who buys a "ghost gun" kit or engages in conduct that helps someone violate these restrictions could also be sued, even if they were unaware of the person's intentions to break the law. This law poses a significant threat to gun industry members in California, who may now face the burden of expensive lawsuits even if they were not aware that their actions were in violation of state law.

Furthermore, the fact that this law was passed in response to Texas' SB 8, which targets abortion providers, highlights the political motivations behind California's decision to pass SB 1327. Rather than focusing on issues that directly affect the state and its citizens, California has chosen to take a stand on a controversial issue in another state and use it as a model for its own legislation. This is yet another example of California overstepping its boundaries and attempting to impose its own values on the rest of the country.

California's SB 1327 is a misguided attempt at gun control that poses a threat to the rights and livelihoods of gun industry members in the state. Its passage is yet another reason for gun owners and supporters of the 2nd amendment to hate California and its excessive and overreaching legislation.

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