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Click on the banner above and meet Dr. Chung; He penned the calligraphy art for our "Musa" shirt as well as our newest design, "Fighting Spirit."

Dr. Chung survived the harshest conditions of combat, both as a civilian and as a Soldier. Growing up in in a war torn nation, he endured and pressed forward with the Fighting Spirit to become a medical professional to help others in need. 

We are proud to adopt his calligraphy into our latest "Fighting Spirit" line of shirts, with the message that the mindset is not merely reserved for the warfighter, but rather that it applies to us all as we overcome our own trials and tribulations in our daily lives. 

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It's peak travel season, and if you're like me, you want to travel with your firearms. But that can be a daunting task, taking weapons into an are some tips on how to do it RIGHT. Happy Holidays from The Musa Store!

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The 7.62mm Knights Armament M110 was like an M16 on steroids, gone wrong. It was heavy, awkward to use and it looked like...

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